Ankle Pain

My ankles ache a lot on a daily basis, especially when I hop out of bed in the morning and start walking around, I can feel the stress on them almost instantly. The rest of my body feels heavy on my ankles and all my weight accumulates on them which makes them not only crack and feel stress on my ankle joints, but also just have a constant ache and even occasional shooting pains.

The CBD DayCaps have helped me a lot to deal with this. Without them, I would be unable to keep moving around on a daily basis because of my ankle pain. Now I take the Soft Gels every morning to calm the pain in my joints and help the inflammation go down. As a result of doing so, my ankles feel much stronger and I no longer get shooting pains every time I start walking around. I have a long ways to go with regaining the strength in my ankles and doing physical therapy but these DayCaps have definitely been a huge step in accelerating my recovery process.