Calming My Nerves For Public Speaking

Public speaking has got to be my biggest fear ever. I’ve been scared of it for as long as I can remember and the minute I am talking in front of more than two people I get insanely nervous. I start sweating and shaking and my heart is racing while I stutter on every word. No matter what I’ve done (countless hours practicing speeches, trying to talk it out with friends, and even therapy sessions) I can’t seem to get rid of this anxiety that public speaking causes me. I finally found a solution with the CBD DayCap and NightCap Soft Gels.

These Soft Gels help relax me so I don’t get as nervous and they seem to calm me down where I can control my actions when speaking in front of others. Obviously public speaking is still a scary task for me, but the CBD help keeps my nervous system reactions in check. Although I started by just taking the DayCap and NightCap Soft Gels when I knew I would have to speak in front of others that day, I have transitioned to taking them everyday and have seen a huge improvement in the overall stress and anxiety levels in my life.