CBD NightCap Soft Gels and My Fibromyalgia

As I got older my doctor diagnosed me with fibromyalgia, which wasn’t a huge shocker since I could feel the effects it was having on my body for a while leading up to the diagnosis. My muscles always felt tender and my body was in pain for the majority of the day. It had a huge effect on my lifestyle and was changing the activities I could participate in, along with my sleep schedule. Basically whatever I did I felt body pain. Since fibromyalgia can’t be cured and only can be treated, I decided to try out CBD to see if it would help mitigate the symptoms.

Although fibromyalgia gives me very intense pain, I am lucky that the CBD NightCap Soft Gels have helped me deal with a lot of this pain. Unfortunately, I will always have fibromyalgia and pain that comes with it, but the NightCap Soft Gels have made the pain a lot more bearable and have allowed me to return to some of my previous activities that fibromyalgia prevented me from doing. I feel less pain by taking the Soft Gels every night and can also sleep better because my body doesn’t ache as much when I am laying in bed. These CBD Soft Gels have been an important step in improving my lifestyle despite fibromyalgia.