Controlling My Nocturnal Pain

Every time I try to fall asleep my pain gets worse at night. I’ve looked it up several times and talked to my doctor and it seems that nocturnal pain is a very common condition where someone’s pain can become worse at night due to increased inflammation and also staying in the same position all night. This nocturnal pain has definitely caused my back pain to flare up at night which can be extremely painful, especially when I wake up.

Taking the NightCap CBD soft gels has helped me to control this pain and stiffness every night. I take them before falling asleep to help relax my back muscles and lower the inflammation around my joints. I have found that by doing this I don’t have as much back pain from laying in the same position and feel better when I wake up in the morning. I’m really glad I found a solution for my nocturnal pain because trying to keep my pain down every night has been a struggle for a long time. The soft gels are such an easy way to prevent inflammation and irritation throughout the night.