I Can Fall Asleep Quicker With NightCap Soft Gels

I started taking the CBD NightCap Soft Gels to address my problems with ease of falling asleep and have noticed a huge amount of improvement. Anxiety used to always take control of my sleep schedule, making it impossible for me to relax into sleep no matter how tired I was. I would just make myself stay up late and this had some very negative implications on my general well being because I was always tired. Now, I take the NightCap Soft Gels every night about 30 minutes to an hour before I want to fall asleep and have no trouble settling into sleep.

I feel more relaxed and can fall asleep within minutes of laying down and closing my eyes, instead of laying awake for hours like I did before. The CBD Soft Gels have also helped me stay asleep for the entire night and have a deep sleep so that I am completely rested upon waking in the morning. Overall, these NightCap Soft Gels are great- very helpful to helping me maintain a better sleep schedule and lifestyle.