Long Term Focus For Big Projects

Honestly, these DayCap CBD Soft Gels have done wonders for my ability to focus, specifically on huge projects that require my attention for long periods of time. Lots of times I can focus for a small amount of time but then find myself getting distracted and off-task, usually within 20-30 minutes of starting whatever I was trying to accomplish. After I get off track I can’t get focused again and waste time on something else instead of finishing whatever I started.

Since taking the DayCap Soft Gels in the morning, I have been able to change that. I can now focus for longer periods of time and finally get all my work done in one sitting. I feel like my mind is clearer when I sit down to focus on a task and I have the energy I need to get it done. Taking the Soft Gels in the morning is especially useful as I can be productive right away and not leave everything until the end of the day.