Morning Headaches

Most mornings I wake up with raging headaches that put me in a lot of pain. They are kinda similar to migraines because they hurt a lot but I usually just put up with the pain and try to go on with my day. Usually I can get them to go away by mid-afternoon but they definitely impact my overall well being in the first half of the day. I’m tired of trying every pain medication I can find at the drugstore and just want to find a solution.

CBD DayCap soft gels have been the only solution to help my headaches. I take the soft gels right when I wake up, like before I even get out of bed, to prevent the onset of the headaches in the early morning. This has helped me a lot because I’m able to prevent the pain from starting and go on with the rest of my day without having the horrible headaches. The DayCap soft gels have been a revolutionary discovery to address my morning headaches.