NightCaps for Nightly Headaches

For some reason my headaches get really bad at night, especially right when I am trying to fall asleep. As soon as I lay down I feel like the tension in my head increases and I can’t get rid of the pain. The pulsing pain in my head makes it really hard to fall asleep and I’ve tried many pain medications as solutions, but have yet to find anything that works better than the NightCap Soft Gels for me. These Soft Gels help me relax and ease the tension in my mind so I can finally fall asleep without an intense headache. 

The CBD NightCaps are perfect for me because they eliminate my pain without any other side effects. I take them every night and am able to fall asleep without painful headaches and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for my next day. These are way better than continuously taking Advil or Tylenol like I used to because I don’t want to put strong medication in my body everyday.