Saying Goodbye to Sleep Insomnia with NightCap Soft Gels

I have struggled with sleep insomnia for basically my entire life. I dread night time because I know it means I will have to fall asleep which is nearly an impossible task for me. As soon as it is time for my body to sleep, my brain starts thinking of every possible thing I could be doing, never allowing me to fully relax into sleep. Instead, I lay awake for hours just trying to get my body to calm down.

All of this changed when I started taking NightCap Soft Gels every night. It honestly was such a crazy improvement I couldn’t even understand it. I was able to fall asleep at a normal time and not have to lay in bed for so long counting sheep. I like to take the Soft Gels right after dinner to allow them time to kick in (I go to sleep fairly early) so that by the time I am ready for bed I feel like my body is ready to relax. Since starting to take these I have not had any insomnia episodes where I was stuck staying up the entire night and have been able to adapt to a normal sleep schedule without any problems.