Setting A Consistent Sleep Schedule

Falling asleep at a good time has always been a struggle for me. Even when I force myself to wake up early, I can never get used to a consistent sleep schedule where I go to bed at a good time. I find myself pushing through exhaustion during the day, only to feel wide awake when I need to go to sleep. The NightCap CBD Soft Gels have helped me change that around to finally get my body on a good schedule.

Taking the Soft Gels at night before bed has allowed me to relax more so I can finally fall asleep when I want to. Ultimately, I have been able to set a good sleep schedule and stick to it. I’m finally more well rested which has improved my health in general because I’m not as tired when I get up. I’ve even stopped drinking so much coffee, all thanks to this new sleep schedule and the CBD Soft Gels.