A CBD Company’s Efforts to Stimulate the Economy

The economy is currently in a downturn due to the impacts of Covid-19 and the effects are being felt in many industries as unemployment has risen drastically. The market is down and people are struggling to either keep their current jobs or find new ones. A new project in South Carolina may be a source of hope for the economy as there are plans for a new $30 million CBD facility to be built which will employ 107 workers. 

The plant will be specializing in pharmaceutical-grade CBD products and plans to open in 2021. They are now accepting job applications, and hopefully these steps to open the facility and offer new jobs will be a source of economic success during these troubling times. Luckily, the CBD industry remains important during these times meaning that the jobs in the CBD industry will be sources of economic output, just like this planned facility that will be built.

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