Advancements In CBD Testing Labs

The FDA guidelines regarding CBD product testing has brought a lot of awareness to what is inside the CBD products that consumers are buying. Additionally, recent incidents of high THC levels coming from CBD manufacturing plants has been a concern for customers who want complete transparency about the ingredients in their purchases. For this reason, there has been a growing need for CBD testing labs. Many testing labs that currently exist do not specifically focus on testing CBD but primarily function as a Marijuana testing lab. This could be one reason that uncertainty in CBD ingredients is such a risk right now, because it is not widely tested.

Minnesota has recently opened a CBD specific lab which is a step in the right direction for assuring customers that CBD products are safe and do not contain any unwanted ingredients. The increased availability of CBD testing should also help advance regulations for CBD products and allow them to be deemed safe by the FDA. Although it is not yet clear how products will be chosen to be tested in this Minnesota lab, it will help customers know more about the THC levels in their products. Hopefully more of these testing labs will continue to be made more available. 

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