Anxiety Treatment: CBD vs. Cannabis

Both CBD and cannabis are commonly used to treat anxiety and help to calm the user’s nerves. But some have wondered, which one is more effective? Studies have shown that most people believe that cannabis is more effective at helping someone relax, one study even had 47% of respondents say that marijuana helped anxiety the most. However, this belief is actually fairly inaccurate, because although marijuana can help with anxiety in the short term, it can actually lead to depression in the long run and increase anxiety. THC can also have a psychoactive effect which may make the heart race and anxiety to become worse immediately following marijuana use. 

Alternatively, CBD is very well known for its anxiety-reducing properties, without having any of the negative side effects that may be experienced from marijuana use. CBD can also be used to treat a variety of anxiety or social disorders. Additionally, if the user does want to incorporate cannabis into their CBD, they can take CBD with low levels of THC which will go a long way for providing relaxation and anxiety elimination. Using low levels of THC is often more effective for anxiety treatment than high THC levels that result from cannabis use.

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