Appropriate Age For CBD: Controversy Around CBD For Kids

It isn’t exactly clear what age someone can start taking CBD as it is widely known as a product for practically anyone. Someone’s decision to take CBD depends on individual needs and doctor recommendation if they seek more advice specific to their health. However, many parents wonder if they can give CBD to their kids to help with extreme anxiety or behavioral focus problems. 

The only drug containing CBD that has been approved for use with children is Epidiolex which is used to treat epilepsy. Other than that, no official products have been approved for CBD consumption by children. Although CBD is safe and does not cause any harm to users, there is still research being conducted on what age one can start taking CBD to be absolutely sure there are no negative effects on the child’s development. One possible problem in giving CBD to kids could not only potentially overwhelm their liver but it could also interact with their brain development because they are at such a young age.

For these reasons, it is generally recommended to avoid giving CBD to children without consulting their doctor first. One should be aware that not much is known about how CBD affects children and it is much safer to delay CBD product use until the consumer is older when there is no longer a risk of interaction with brain development that occurs at such an early age. 

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