Can CBD Actually Reduce Anxiety?

CBD has been widely noted for its calming properties and positive effects in helping the user to control their feelings of stress and generally feel more calm. Although anxiety is the body’s natural response to stress, it can develop into a very serious condition that is extremely debilitating and has lasting impacts. Therefore, CBD has become a recommended method to control feelings of anxiety and many wonder just how impactful CBD is. 

Studies have shown that upon starting to take CBD, the majority of adults studied experienced a decrease in their levels of anxiety within the first month of taking the CBD. Not only did their initial anxiety levels decrease, but remained low as they continued to consume CBD. Additionally, in a study conducted with participants who were conditioned to develop feelings of fear experienced an extinction in these learned fears from taking CBD. This suggests that CBD can aid in eliminating acquired negative thoughts that often arise from the development of anxiety in a person. 

These insights are very useful in understanding how CBD can aid with a variety of anxiety conditions, from negative thoughts, stressful reactions, or to even feeling more calm when public speaking. CBD has demonstrated positive results in helping users not only decrease their stress levels but to keep them low over time as well. 

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