Can CBD Help Antibiotics Fight Resistant Bacteria?

CBD is commonly studied for its beneficial properties, especially when combined with other substances that help the body in some way. Often, CBD can strengthen the effects of these elements and make them even more potent. For example, calming lavender oil combined with CBD can become even more calming. This synergy is something that we capture in our product offerings as well.

This concept has caused many to wonder- can CBD help antibiotics fight resistant bacteria? Prescribed antibiotics generally provide very quick results, but strong resistant bacteria may not be killed by the antibiotics meaning that a powerful and unwanted strain of bacteria lingers. It has been found that CBD acts as a “helper compound” to make the antibiotics better at eliminating all the bacteria. Additionally, the CBD can be so useful that it may even reduce the amount of antibiotics that are necessary for treatment which also prevents the development of resistant bacteria in the first place. 

This news is very exciting in emphasizing just how advantageous CBD is to any problem. The properties that the compound carries allows it to be a healing method for the body, demonstrated by how it works favorably when mixed with another beneficial product.

Learn more about the study on CBD helping fight resistant bacteria here: 

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