Can CBD Help You Lose Weight?

Weight loss is something that almost every person has dealt with at some point in their life. Right now can be an especially prominent period for people to focus on improving their health and losing weight because of all the extra time in their lives that quarantine and stay at home orders have given them during the Coronavirus pandemic. Recent research has examined how CBD can affect a person’s weight loss and the results actually show the benefits that CBD can provide.

Studies conducted demonstrated CBD’s weight reducing properties through its ability to reduce food intake and boost a person’s metabolism. This occurs through cannabinoid’s interaction with the CB1 and CB2 receptors that control our body’s intake of food. After a study injected rats with varying daily doses of CBD, it was found that although both groups experienced weight loss, the group with the larger doses lost the most amount of weight. 

In addition to these findings, it is also likely that CBD may promote the transition of harmful white fat cells in our body to become more beneficial brown fat cells that are healthier and burn calories. The research surrounding this is still developing but it is suspected that CBD interacts with the proteins that help convert negative white fat cells into brown ones. Although CBD can have varying effects on its users, these insights are promising and may be the remedy for those who have been struggling with weight gain for a long time.

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