Can CBD Reduce Drug Addiction and Drug Cravings?

Drug addiction is a serious problem that negatively affects the lives of many people. A lot of research has been conducted to find ways that people can cope with their drug cravings and recent developments have been made around CBD’s ability to help with this issue. A recent study shows that participants who took CBD felt a reduction in their drug cravings for up to a week after taking it. 

The reason that CBD may help with addiction is that it can have an inhibitory effect on these feelings and help with the anxiety that is also associated with these drug cravings. Therefore, users may find themselves feeling less inclined to go back to using that drug. This has been prominently useful for people who suffer from opioid addiction or who may be searching for a way to combat any sort of relapse. 

Although the research surrounding this is still developing it is a promising solution. It would make sense that because CBD interacts with the brain’s neurotransmitters to relieve pain and anxiety that it could mimic the effect of drugs that block pain and provide a healthy alternative to these substances, especially when it comes to drug abuse and addiction. 

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