CBD and Muscle Recovery

Soreness and pain after strenuous physical activity can be really discouraging when trying to continue to be active. Some people may find themselves being sore for days after working out, unable to walk down the stairs or sit in a chair without feeling extreme pain. This is because rigorous workouts cause the body’s tissues and muscles to experience microscopic damages. While the body is recovering from these you may feel very sore as your muscles build stronger tissues. Being sore is beneficial at the right level, but feeling a lot of pain after working out can be counterproductive and CBD is a recommended to help keep the body’s inflammation levels low.

While many may think to use CBD after working out in order to help the muscles recover, new findings suggest that it may be just as useful, if not better, to take CBD before working out. Not only will the CBD aid in reducing inflammation but can also boost energy levels and focus, improving the overall workout. Using CBD for your muscles will help your muscles recover quicker than ever before and become healthier and stronger while doing so. 

Another suggestion is to take CBD at the end of the day after your workout to help your body relax into a deep sleep. Promoting this activity will help your body recover while you are asleep, allowing your muscles to grow stronger tissue and provide you the energy you need for your next workout. 

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