CBD and Treating Arthritis in Dogs

Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine recently conducted a study to assess how CBD would affect dogs, specifically dogs who suffer from arthritis. Arthritis in dogs is very similar to that in humans which is what caused this study to form. The researchers were hoping that their results would be indicative of helping humans deal with their arthritis pain through the use of CBD. 

The results showed that dogs who suffered from arthritis and who were given CBD began to experience improved qualities of life as measured by their owners’ observations. Out of 10 dogs in the treatment, 9 showed improvement within 4 weeks of beginning treatment, and these positive benefits lasted for up to 2 weeks after treatment ended. They also measured the dogs’ blood indicators and did not find that any negative changes occurred, demonstrating that the CBD was safe for their consumption. 

The researchers found that the CBD was effective because it helped to reduce the production of inflammatory molecules and immune cells that are typical in cases of arthritis. Due to these two effects, the pain from arthritis was lowered as a result of CBD. Additionally, the researchers found that administering CBD in liposomes (capsules used to administer drugs) the response rates were quicker due to a higher rate of absorption than if CBD were administered a different way. CBD should not be administered to dogs quite yet unless approved by a vet, but the study provides helpful insight about how CBD may work just as well for humans with arthritis. 

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