CBD Industry Expanding to New States

The CBD industry is currently very popular in states such as Colorado, California, and Oregon. Meanwhile, Virginia has been shown to be one of the states that is less interested in CBD. Despite this, a new company has announced its plans to open a huge CBD and hemp processing facility in Southern Virginia. This facility will be the first of its kind in the state and will be the result of more than $3 million in investments. The project will create over 22 new jobs and support for Virginia hemp growers, with an expected $70 million in payments to Virginia farmers over the next three years. 

This news shows the expansion of the CBD industry, which is taking hold in states that traditionally did not show much interest in CBD and hemp products. As the industry continues to expand throughout the country, it can be expected that more jobs will be created and local farmers will be supported to grow hemp plants. This is a substantial step for the state of Virginia and will hopefully influence other states to bring CBD business into their state if they don’t already have it.

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