CBD Industry Growth in South America

South America recently had its first major commercial export of CBD flowers sent to Europe on July 17th. The shipment consisted of half a ton of low-THC hemp flowers which were sent to Switzerland through Germany and originated from Uruguay. The total cost of the shipment is estimated to be just a little over $81,000. Switzerland has a high THC threshold of 1% for hemp products, and while Germany’s threshold is only at 0.2%, both countries approved the shipment going through. 

Uruguay has had a very progressive standpoint towards legalizing marijuana in the past 5 years, but hemp trade and business remains low. Hopefully this will begin to change as the hemp plant in Uruguay that sent this shipment expects to continue shipping large amounts; about 1 to 2 tons of hemp flowers per week. They expect this to help the plant grow substantially through doing business with Europe.

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