CBD Oil and Scarring: A Possible Treatment

Scars on the body can be the result of various injuries and may exhibit different healing times depending on the severity of the injury. In some cases, scars can remain very prominent features on the skin even after allowing for complete healing time, meaning they can not only be uncomfortable on the skin (itchy) but also be stressful in terms of physical appearance. CBD has been proposed as a possible solution to treat these scars. 

While it is still being researched, CBD could help in reducing the appearance of scars due to the high presence of the endocannabinoid system in our body’s skin. The interaction of the endocannabinoids’ anti-inflammatory effects with the increase in cell growth could help to heal the wound properly and reduce the scarring that occurs from injury. It should be noted that CBD oil is most effective when applied directly to the scar but should only be applied after the wound has closed up completely. 

Although this proposed solution is not guaranteed to completely eliminate an entire scar it can help to reduce the appearance of scars and make the consumer feel more comfortable and confident. The limited research that has been done on this so far supports outcomes where consumers have shown a decreased appearance in their scar after applying CBD oil for several weeks. 

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