CBD Tinctures vs. Oils: Knowing the Difference

The wide variety of CBD products that are offered on the market can often make purchasing decisions difficult. There are so many options to choose from, and it is hard to differentiate what product should be used for what purpose. This type of confusion is common especially when it comes to distinguishing CBD oils from tinctures. While both are liquid states of CBD often sold in small bottles, tinctures are a reduced form of the cannabis plant through a dissolved CBD strain and are for oral consumption. Oils on the other hand are usually made from the CO2 extraction process of CBD which is then added to an oil and can be used as an application to the skin. 

These differences are important to note because user experience may vary according to the product you use, so picking the right product for the right purpose is very important. Tinctures can be offered on a spectrum, so it is important to note that some tinctures may contain Marijuana and THC. It is advised to learn about these two different types of CBD product to see what works best for each person, while also being aware that many different options are being sold on the market.

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