Developments in CBD Extraction Methods

Due to recent technological progress, there have been many advancements made in the extraction of CBD from hemp plants. Today, there are a variety of ways that CBD can be extracted and its method in which it is drawn out can determine which type of product the CBD is best used for. There are three main extraction strategies which include alcohol extraction, hydrocarbon extraction, and CO2 extraction.

Alcohol extraction is usually used for production of very large amounts of CBD and is similar to a teabag in a tea cup in that the hemp plant soaks in ethanol and then the solution is heated to remove the alcohol. The hydrocarbon method can not be used to create such large batches but is useful in the sense that it helps preserve some flavor and aromatic qualities of the CBD that are especially noticeable when being used in vape products. This method usually requires the hands on work of a human to boil butane or propane out of a solvent that leaves CBD behind. Finally, there is the newer (and more expensive) CO2 extraction method that turns CO2 into a liquid to pass over the plant and remove the CBD. Although the CO2 extraction method presents more upfront costs, it is a great long term option.

The CBD industry is continually evolving and research is still being completed to find new methods of extraction. Some ideas that are currently in development surround using ultrasound energy to create bubbles to separate the CBD in solvents. There is also another approach called hydrodynamic extraction which relies on a combination of temperature, pressure, and ultrasonication to extract CBD. The last idea that is currently in development is about using CBD infused honey produced by bees because their bodies do not absorb the cannabinoids and will pass it through, creating honey that has a low concentration of CBD in it. All of these ideas are very exciting opportunities for the CBD market in finding different ways to get CBD to the many different customers around the world. 

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