Disney Parks and Their Ban on CBD

Walt Disney World resorts recently reopened following their shut down for the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the fact that the parks are open, many visitors who rely on CBD or medical marijuana for daily treatments may find they are unable to visit the parks due to the restrictions that are in place for these substances. CBD and even medical cannabis are restricted from being used anywhere on Disney property. Ironically, almost every other type of medical drug is permitted and alcohol is sold at every park. 

Visitors who have medical marijuana and CBD are not only banned from entering the parks but they may also face legal charges, even though marijuana products are legal in the states of some Disney parks such as Disneyland in California. This restriction that Disney has and is unwilling to change is very inconvenient for those guests who rely on medical marijuana and CBD for daily treatment and users are hopeful that they will see positive changes towards these rules in the future.

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