European Commission Considers Classifying Non-Synthetic CBD As a Narcotic

There is currently some debate going in with the European Commission as they decide how they will classify CBD products, specifically non-synthetic ones. They currently have postponed over 50 Novel Food Applications for CBD products as they take the time to address these classification issues and whether extracts from hemp flowers will be considered to be narcotics or psychotropics. This is specifically applicable to the flowering tops of the hemp plants.

 If the European Commission decides that CBD is a narcotic it will not be legally approved to be sold in food and would greatly impact the European CBD market. The UK has already taken the initiative to decide that they will not classify CBD as a narcotic in their country, meaning that they will be revising the CBD food applications as normal to approve which ones will be sold on the market. As for the rest of Europe, they will have to wait to see how CBD is classified before seeing any advances in products that can be sold on the market.

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