European Hemp Producers Are Moving Forward With CBD Studies

There is a large group of hemp producers in Europe who have plans to move forward with studies about the effects of using CBD and THC products. This decision comes from a vote that occurred on Monday, where members of the organization decided to begin these studies in order to apply for novel food authorization for products containing CBD. 

Currently, Europe’s food and regulation authorities have not yet approved CBD to be included in food products. However, the hemp producers argue that CBD should be allowed to be included because naturally-occurring levels of CBD that are found in hemp plants should not need additional regulation. The members of the hemp group will move forward with their studies with the hopes of earning regulation and approval from the food safety organization in Europe. Similar processes are occurring in the United States right now, so it is interesting to see how large the demand is for CBD to be able to be incorporated into food products. Hopefully new steps will be able to be taken soon. 

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