European Union Court Advisor Advocates for CBD

France recently set a ban that prevents the marketing of all hemp derived CBD products. However, the EU Court Advisor is opposing this ban because it goes against the EU law that permits the free movement of goods. France’s ban also could have a huge negative impact on the CBD industry in Europe which is something that many oppose. If this ban is set in France it could be advanced to other countries as well which is a major concern for the success of the entire industry.

Many have argued that France should present more evidence for their case before they ban CBD because then other regulation could be implemented other than just ruling out CBD completely, which restricts the free movement of goods. As of now, France only allows hemp to be used for industrial and commercial purposes and no CBD products can be developed from this hemp. The case will be solved in court in the fall, and many remain hopeful that clear regulations will be made that allow for CBD products to be sold across the countries to have a positive impact on EU consumers. 

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