How Do Your Genes Affect Your Response to CBD?

Our genes code the basis for our entire body, meaning that they determine how many endocannabinoids we naturally have and how the proteins in our body will react to cannabinoids that enter the body. The differences in our genes results in a variation within how our protein receptors function and how they are structured. This can change how cannabinoids bind to the receptors of the body’s endocannabinoid system therefore influencing the level of impact that the CBD has on the body depending on how long it takes for the receptor to metabolize the CBD.

Although there is a large variation in how our genes determine our body’s responses to CBD there are a few factors that help to determine this more specifically. For example, it has been shown that females are more responsive to cannabinoids than men due to naturally higher estrogen levels. Additionally, a higher body fat percentage may require the consumption of more CBDs for the effects to be felt. Having an active lifestyle can also lead the body to naturally increase endocannabinoid levels which in turn may increase the body’s sensitivity to cannabinoids that enter the system. 

These factors are only a few examples of why people can take the same amount of CBD but experience different effects. It is recommended that you start by consuming a small amount of CBD and then working your way up to find the ideal amount that makes your body feel best because there is no single suggestion that works for everyone. 

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