How is Coronavirus Affecting CBD Sales and Consumption?

Now, more than ever, is a time when consumers are being faced with drastic changes that can have immense negative effects on their overall well-being. Since CBD has been shown to reduce levels of stress and anxiety in a person, it may be a consideration for customers who are coping with increased pressures in their lives during this difficult time.

The recent escalation of the Coronavirus pandemic has led to many negative effects in the market including business being forced to reduce hours of operation or being shut down completely. These changes have caused retail sales to slow drastically as less customers are able to go into CBD stores to purchase their usual products.

However, this time also opens up the possibility of increasing online sales, especially as customers find ways to manage their additional stress and anxiety. With the increased amounts of time at home, more people are looking at CBD products online and companies have noticed an increase in viewer traffic.

Sources: Harvard, Healthline, and Hemp Industry Daily.

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