How Pesticides Can Interfere With CBD Consumption

Ensuring pesticide safety that is used for Cannabis growth is very important to the consumer’s health and safety. Recent research has shown that a certain pesticide may actually block receptors that are responsible for cannabinoid signaling, resulting in that CBD can not work effectively. For Cannabis that is grown in California, there are 45 different pesticides that are permitted because they are not toxic to the plant or the consumer at all. One of these pesticides, the one that may actually block CBD receptors is called PBO, short for piperonyl butoxide. PBO is used for slowing pesticide breakdown and making them more effective. However, the recent concerns about PBO’s interaction with how cannabis is absorbed into consumers’ systems may change its use in the future. 

While information is limited, this is something to look out for. It is important to know as much as you can about your CBD products and where they are coming from, especially how they are being grown and supplied such as considering the safety of their growth according to the pesticides being used on them. In this case, PBO’s blocking of cannabinoid receptors is very pertinent to considering how it will work for consumers consuming CBD.

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