Is CBD Retail Considered an Essential Business?

Although many CBD retailers have found ways to keep selling their products during this pandemic, many are suffering from having to close their stores and are finding confusing regulation regarding whether or not CBD retail is considered an essential business that can stay open. Despite the fact that hemp production has been classified as essential, not all storefronts were also deemed essential, meaning that many had to close. Many of these stores that were forced to close have pointed out that Marijuana retailers have been able to remain open as essential businesses which means CBD retail should be open as well because many customers rely on CBD oil for the same benefits that others get from Marijuana use. 

In order for CBD retailers to be considered essential it is recommended that they cooperate with the regulations and find ways to continue supplying products to customers without having them in the store. Many stores have turned to increasing online sales and curbside pickups. Ultimately, the hope is that if the businesses are able to adhere to the politics of the situation that there will be some way for them to remain open and continue their business operations in a safe manner to eliminate the transmission of coronavirus. The fact that the production of hemp has been deemed essential has many implications for the importance of hemp and CBD products in our nation’s economy as so many customers use CBD products on a regular basis. 

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