More Research on CBD and Its Immune Benefits

CBD is widely known for its anti-inflammation benefits that help to suppress immune system flare-ups, but more research has recently focused on why exactly CBD helps the immune system. One of the first ways that CBD decreases inflammation is by suppressing cytokines which normally are attracted to a source of pain and cause inflammation. Overexpression of certain types of cytokines often occurs in Crohn’s Disease, inflammatory bowel disease and other diseases, so CBD can help to reduce these negative side effects. 

CBD also helps to regulate another protein, NF-KB, which is normally involved in regulating the immune system. This can help to decrease symptoms associated with skin inflammation, specifically psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis. Additionally, CBD helps induce cell death (apoptosis) which helps clear out the body’s system of cells that are no longer beneficial or could even be harmful. 

All of these positive effects indicate the various ways that CBD helps to regulate and improve the immune system. CBD’s inflammation controlling benefits are very far reaching and help the body’s system in many ways.

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