New CBD Study Focused on Studying the Effects of Consumption on Liver Health

Different CBD companies have come together to conduct a study of the effects of regular CBD consumption on liver health to determine if there are negative side effects. Their goal in conducting this study is to report back to the FDA to help push regulation forward and get CBD more widely approved for sale on the market. The study is mainly being led by a Colorado based company, ValidCare, that has reached out to seven other CBD brands who will also be participating in the study. In addition to each company contributing over $100,000 for the study, they are also recruiting consumers to participate. 

The participants who will be part of the study are consumers who have been taking CBD on a regular basis for the past 30 days and will continue this regular usage through September. It is estimated that there will be about 1,000 participants. The goal in using these real life consumers is to analyze the “real-world experience” of relatively healthy CBD consumers and see if their usage has any effect on their liver. Ultimately, this data will be used to show how beneficial CBD can be for consumers looking for general health benefits by taking it everyday. The companies also urge other companies to take action and keep taking steps to push for this regulation by the FDA. 

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