New Form of Cannabinoid Growing in Popularity

In addition to CBD being a popular hemp-derived compound, there is a new type of cannabinoid that has come to people’s attention as having therapeutic uses just like CBD. This compound is called CBG, short for Cannabigerol. It is less prevalent than normal CBD, but holds many similar properties such as also being inflammation and pain reducing. Some studies have even shown that CBG may help to slow the growth of some cancer cells. The reason it is not quite as popular as CBD is that it is very costly to produce because most hemp products only contain small amounts of CBG as compared to larger percentages of CBD. 

More companies are beginning to produce CBG; it was recently announced that a Canadian biotechnology company will start working with a Spanish company to produce THC free CBG. The goal of this company is to produce products containing high amounts of this CBG, especially because CBG is so difficult to isolate in highly concentrated forms. If successful, this CBG may be very helpful as a therapeutic product to help combat immune disorders and relieve pain for its users.

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