New Studies Suggest CBD Could Be Used To Reduce Steroid Use

Steroids are commonly prescribed by doctors to quickly address inflammation, allergies, or other symptoms in patients, specifically for immunosuppressant purposes. Although steroid medications work very quickly and effectively, they can actually have some negative long term side effects. One of these effects is steroid withdrawal symptoms which explains why patients have to slowly decrease their steroid use rather than suddenly stopping their intake. These negative side effects have caused researchers to consider how CBD could be used instead. 

CBD has been presented as an alternative or a ‘steroid sparing agent’ meaning that it can either be used to decrease the amount of steroid medication required or eliminate steroid medication completely by offering treatment instead due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Clinical trials that are currently being completed have not yet been officially published but nine out of ten of the subjects tested had positive responses to using CBD in place of steroids. Due to the possible negative outcomes that can result from steroid use, continued research on use of CBD oil as a replacement would be very beneficial for those looking for an alternative medication. 

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