Progress by the FDA and Outside Opinions

According to the FDA, their recent CBD regulation efforts have made “substantial progress”. They have not released any details of what this ‘progress’ might include but it is within the general goal to create more regulation and approval for CBD products to be openly sold on the market, specifically when it comes to supplements and CBD in food and beverages. It is unclear whether the FDA will approve food products containing CBD or whether they will focus more just approving and regulating supplements. A doctor in the field, Dr. MacKay, has argued that allowing CBD food products can be dangerous because it is hard to regulate how many different CBD food products will be ingested by a person throughout the day. This would require them to keep track of the different CBD amounts in all the products they are consuming which can be a complicated process, while tracking consumption amounts through a single supplement is more simple. This is similar to how melatonin can be ingested as a supplement, but is not sold as part of any food or beverages. 

As the progress on the regulation continues, attorney Brian Sylvester has weighed in to point out that the FDA will have to find a way to regulate CBD products without interfering with the development of CBD based pharmaceutical drugs. If a balance can be found between these two, both sides of the industry will see success as the demand for CBD continues to grow in a variety of ways.

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