Questionable Accuracy of CBD Products

Accurate labelling and regulation of CBD products has always been the primary concern for the products sold on the market. Recently, the FDA conducted many tests for CBD products to see if they were accurately advertising their contents. Unfortunately, the FDA found that “almost half of randomly selected cannabidiol (CBD) products also tested positive for THC” which is the active compound found in marijuana. This is a very concerning result because many people use CBD instead of marijuana to avoid THC in their systems, especially if they are concerned about drug tests. 

Additionally, the FDA test results showed that many products that were advertised as containing CBD did not actually contain as much CBD as they said they did. For example, of 102 products that listed a specific amount of CBD, only 45% of those products had within 20% of the CBD that they indicated they had.

These huge discrepancies within CBD products are very concerning for consumers who want to be assured they know exactly what they are taking into their bodies. It is important to find products that you can trust and know exactly what is in them, just as our company promises that our CBD products are completely free of any THC traces. 

Learn more about what the FDA found here:

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