Recent News About FDA Regulations and CBD

Recently the FDA released a statement about their advanced focus on CBD in protecting public health. Prior to this, the FDA was not very clear on their stance about CBD and this left a lot of questions to the public. Although some users were concerned about the lack of FDA’s regulations on CBD, many customers still continued to use CBD because of the benefits they found in the products that worked for them. FDA’s most recent statement says that they have been researching CBD for the past year in an effort to increase public understanding. 

Results from the year long study still suggest that there is a lot of information that needs to be acquired but the FDA does recognize that not all the effects of CBD are known and could obviously interact with other prescribed drugs. They are not stating that using CBD is harmful, but that each individual should consult their physician before use to prevent any negative consequences, as with any other supplement that would be consumed. The FDA stated that they are putting forth an effort to continue the research and educate the population, especially physicians so that they can help customers make the best decisions for their lifestyles. Additionally, the FDA wants to monitor the marketplace to ensure that CBD products are not being sold that unlawfully alter information about the ingredients in the product. Clearly, this is a necessary measure to protect everybody from consuming unwanted substances. 

The steps that the FDA is taking are important to help ensure that customers are purchasing high quality CBD products that are not contaminated with anything that could cause harm. It is always important to consider that products can affect each person differently so the safest measure is to consult with a doctor, purchase CBD products from a trusted source, and start with a small quantity to see how your body reacts. 

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