Research About Certain CBD Strains and Covid-19

A recent study was conducted in Canada which was aimed at measuring the effects of CBD on Covid-19. The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Lethbridge who measured if and how CBD strains changed the cell’s ability to be infected by Coronavirus. They tested 25 different strains of CBD and found that 13 strains showed great results. Those results were that these specific strains of CBD decreased the presence of a protein that Coronavirus normally attaches to.

The results of this study are in the very early stages and do not show that CBD use will actually prevent Coronavirus, but rather tested how medical use of CBD (not recreational use) could decrease the presence of certain proteins that Covid-19 would normally attach to. The study suggests that certain strains of CBD may make it more difficult for Coronavirus to attach to the body’s cells, therefore resulting in a lower contraction rate.

Although the topic of CBD interaction and Coronavirus prevention still requires a lot of additional research, these initial results are very promising and hopefully will help in the development of a prevention method and cure for the virus. 

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