Senators Seeking Approval for More Cannabis Research

A group of bipartisan lawmakers are pushing for more marijuana and CBD research to be included as part of an upcoming defense bill that will be presented to the Senate later this week. The goal of the spending for marijuana and CBD research is to provide more insight into the creation of cannabis-based products, support doctors who want to use it for medical purposes, and provide funding for FDA approval of cannabinoid based products. Overall, this bill would make it easier for marijuana manufacturers to become approved for research purposes. 

Currently, there is only one cannabis cultivation facility that is allowed to provide materials for studies, which is often frustrating for scientists who are looking for more ways to incorporate marijuana and CBD into their research. By passing this bill, there would be more opportunities for the science community to engage in cannabis related research and advance this information for use by the general public, especially as it concerns CBD and marijuana users for health improvement purposes. 

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