THC Scare: News About a CBD Company in Oregon

One of the challenges that the CBD industry faces is finding ways to ensure transparency in product ingredients for customers and proving that there are no unwanted chemicals. Although our company’s products do not contain any THC, there are some companies that sell products with minimal amounts of THC, staying at or below the national limit of 0.3%. It is important to regulate the THC levels in products to be sure customers are not consuming anything they do not want to be and to match the legal limits that are required of CBD products. 

One story that brings attention to this problem is an Oregon CBD company that recently discovered the hemp extract oil that was shipped to them from a refinery in Massachusetts contained 2.5%-5% THC levels in the oil, well above the legal THC limit that can be transported across state borders. This illegal level of THC caused the company to have to shut down their operations, resulting in them deciding to sue the refinery for the processing error.

It is important to be aware of these risks in processing out the THC from hemp oil, which is why our company ensures we only use trustworthy suppliers. Consumers should also be aware of what THC percentage they wish to be contained in their products, if any at all. The benefits of CBD come from the CBD extracts itself, meaning that the THC is an unnecessary ingredient.

Learn more about the case here:

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