Updates on CBD Industry as Businesses Begin Re-Openings

As many states are now allowing businesses to reopen with new guidelines for service, many CBD stores that were previously closed due to Coronavirus are excited to start offering their products to customers again. Due to CBD being deemed ‘non-essential’, although many customers rely on it on a daily basis, many CBD storefronts had to close for a while if they did not fall into the classification of essential business offered to marijuana dispensaries. Once curbside service was approved, reopening was still limited to stores who sold CBD as their primary business, rather than for all stores who offered CBD products in addition to their other products. Now that almost all stores have been able to reopen in certain states, stores are glad to  see that customers are still coming in to get their CBD products. Luckily, the pandemic did not really affect sales as customers still bought products (through curbside pickup or online orders) and the main detriment was the stores having to close their physical locations.

Additionally, the production of hemp was classified as essential even during all the closures, meaning that CBD continued to be produced and has increased the supply available to stores. This increased supply has allowed for stores to offer products at a cheaper price, especially to accommodate all the customers that are continuing their purchases. These difficult times have brought attention to the number of people who truly rely on CBD for their daily health.

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