Using CBD to Help With PTSD

Stress and anxiety are very popular topics that society discusses a lot, especially when relating to CBD and its ability to help diminish these feelings for the consumer. Many people, especially veterans, also deal with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Veterans have opened up about their experience with PTSD and have shown that CBD is a holistic solution that has been much more effective for them rather than taking prescribed pills. 

By prescribing patients with traditional PTSD medication, they are treating the symptoms rather than actually fixing the problem for the patient, meaning that patients become dependent on these pills and feel helpless without them. PTSD is a learned response that the brain develops in response to traumatic events, and CBD has been shown to help the brain rewire to eliminate these distressing feelings.

A study showed that 91% of patients surveyed experienced a decrease in the severity of their PTSD symptoms after only 8 weeks of taking CBD. Veterans have said that CBD helps to calm their racing minds along with diminishing anxiety and improving their sleep to work towards eliminating their PTSD. CBD is a great option for those who are struggling with PTSD or are looking to combat their high stress and anxiety levels. 

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