What Are the Quickest Ways to Feel the Effects of CBD?

There are many different types of CBD products that are offered and the possibilities continue to grow as people experiment with new methods to incorporate CBD into their lives. This leads many users to wonder, does the method that they decide to ingest the CBD matter? Does one form of consumption lead to feeling the effects of CBD quicker than another way?

The answer is yes, the method of consumption can vary how long it takes the user to feel the noticeable effects of CBD. This is because some forms of intake are considered to be more “bioavailable” than others, meaning that they are more easily absorbed by the body, resulting in the user to feel the effects quicker. This includes sublingual products, topical creams, and vapes. Sublingual products are applied as drops under the tongue and work so efficiently because they result in direct absorption without having to be digested like consuming food with CBD in it would have to be. Similarly, vaping allows the CBD to directly enter the bloodstream so the effects can be felt within minutes. Although topical cream is different in that it is applied to the skin, it does provide a highly concentrated amount of CBD that can provide relief to a specific area of the body. 

While all of these different methods are important to consider when choosing the best approach for using CBD, the actual concentration of CBD within the product matters as well. Obviously, ensuring that the chosen product has a concentration of high quality CBD will provide the most effective results that can be noticed within the quickest amount of time after beginning to use CBD products. 

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