About Us

Mission: Provide you with the most effective all-natural CBD products that are 100% backed by science and empower you to live at your fullest potential.

What makes us different:
We are devoted to creating natural solutions to improve any issues you may be experiencing, and measure our success based on your feedback and reviews.

Why our CBD is the finest on the market: Our commitment to your health
We are the only CBD seller on the market truly committed and driven by our customers’ results. We aim to squash the misconceptions surrounding CBD’s effectiveness through positively impacting one life at a time. We set the standards for quality, effectiveness, and safety, all of which we guarantee have no THC. Our customers see improvements in their focus, sleep, anxiety, and pain when following our suggested use. We are excited to support you in your journey to a happy, healthy, CBD enriched lifestyle.

Our CBD is the Gold Standard of Quality
We will never compromise on quality and have the strictest quality standards for our products. All our ingredients are 100% organic, natural, and free of both pesticides and GMOs. Our products are sourced from the best manufacturers that utilize only safe and natural extraction processes. You can rely on us to deliver the safest, most innovative, top quality CBD products.

The Science-Backed Method: Synergy
By combining CBD with natural remedies, we harness the power of both components to work better than either of them alone. CBD magnifies the positive impact of natural products while diminishing negative side effects. Our NightCap vegan capsules, tincture, and vapes combine melatonin with CBD to amplify the calming properties of melatonin while reducing unfavorable side effects such as next-day drowsiness.

Supply Chain:
Triple-Tested and Locally Sourced From seed to your doorstep, we test our products at each stage to ensure safety and effectiveness is maintained throughout the supply chain, and here is how:

Cultivation: The farms we work with must be pesticides and germicide free, local, and certified organic. We interviewed countless farms to find the top 10 candidates in California or Colorodo. Then, we visited each farm individually, met their owners and came to our decision. We don’t stop there. We conduct random visits to the farm to ensure they are maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety.
Testing: We randomly select a portion of every batch and send it to a 3rd party independent lab for testing. If it passes, then the hemp can proceed to the extraction step. Click here to see our lab test for chocolates.

Extraction: Once the hemp is harvested, shipped and delivered to the processing facility, we use Organic Ethanol method using state-of-the-art equipment and technology. This method is safe, ecofriendly, and effective in maintaining the purity and beneficial plant materials of hemp. The FDA even classifies ethanol as being “Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS)”, meaning that ethanol is safe for human consumption. Ethanol also keeps more beneficial plant materials found in hemp – like chlorophyll, a beneficial natural compound that enhances your overall well-being – instead of disintegrating them like other methods. Our manufacturer is FDA approved, good manufacturing practice certified, locally located and uses safe and effective natural extraction methods.
Testing: A portion of the CBD is sent to another independent lab for testing and verification. If the lab certifies its authenticity, quality, and purity meets our standards, it is ready for formulation. Click here to see our certificate of analysis.

Creation: The CBD is combined with certified organic, natural, and chemical-free ingredients in our proprietary approach that enhances the positive effects of both CBD and other natural remedies.
Testing: A team of quality control experts conduct detailed examinations of our products to ensure potency, shelf-life, taste and many other key metrics. If the product passes, it is packaged and shipped right to your doorstep.

If at any stage in this process our CBD fails the test, we refuse the entire batch and order a new one. We do not compromise on quality, and we never cut corners. It’s our promise to you, and it why we test three times more than other CBD companies.